Ronald Henry Sr. and Irene Henry purchased their first commercial property in June 1976.  The building included a bar called "The Royal Pub" in Downtown Sacramento. 

 With absolutely no experience to operate a bar, Ron was very determined to succeed in this business.   He doubled his income in less than one year and operated the bar until 1985.   After purchasing another property on 9th Street, Ron and Irene moved the bar there and was re-named as "Henry's" in 1986.    It became well-known and very successful.  Ron passed away in 2014.   In 2019, the building that housed Henry's was sold.   In 2021, we opened our new location on 21st & O Street.   We are bigger and better!  We have added an arcade, more TV's, and a new menu! We have also modernized our space. We can't wait to see you!